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Cute date night idea in Sarasota, Florida.

Updated: May 13

Maybe it has been a while since you did something special for your loved one... Or it's the first date and you want to leave a good impression on the person you have your eyes on! Whatever it is, a luxurious picnic here in Sarasota Florida is the perfect experience. It's a cute date night ideas. Date night in Sarasota Florida.

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You show up to the requested location and everything is set-up and ready for you to enjoy. Your loved one is "awed" and you guys sit down to a fresh, warm, delivered dinner on a platter. Florals are everywhere and the sun is about to set, you kiss... How enchanting!

Let Certified Cupid provide you with a stress-free experience... and most definitely help with any proposal ideas you have (or date....) However, we specialize in the big hearts and offer professional proposal planners.

Cute date night idea in Sarasota, Florida.

We collaborate with professionals photographers to capture any special moments... So don't hesitate, we got all your needs covered! Just request a picnic and we will call you soon!

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